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Sailing yacht charter
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Under the leadership of a regatta winning captain, our charming and enthusiastic crew of four share a unique passion for sailing and hospitality, and their attention to detail is matched only by their ability to bring you an extraordinary experience during your trip.


We're here for you.




New Zealand

Your Captain, Graeme Robertson was born and raised in New Zealand. As a youth, his enthusiasm for sailing began when he crewed on small trailer yachts and dinghies at the local yacht club.  Since this time he has significant experience at sea. Graeme has competed in national and international regattas, including in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race. He also enjoys the less hectic cruising life while completing charters or deliveries in the Pacific, Mediterranean, Caribbean or Atlantic oceans. Prior to joining the superyacht industry Graeme worked in Information Technology, managing computer systems for large corporations and even found time to complete his MBA. His calm, reflective and steadfast character ensures that objectives are achieved with minimum fuss! Now, with over 10 years experience in the yachting industry, he looks forward to welcoming you on board SY Freebird and tailoring your holiday to create a memorable trip of a lifetime.




New Zealand

Lynley Wicks warmly welcomes you on board SY Freebird and as the Chef and Purser. Lynley was born in New Zealand to English and South African parents. She has spent time in all three countries and travelled extensively to almost all continents. During her travels she loves to sample and learn the cooking traditions of each country which she blends her more formal chef training. She began sailing in her twenties, as a time out activity while completing her Master’s degree, and was part of a successful crew in weekly races. She then met (and much later!) married Graeme before they threw in their land based careers to convert their passion for sailing (and cooking) into their profession. Lynley looks forward to sharing her love of sailing, food and travel with you. Her approachable and outgoing personality coupled with her great organisational skills will be evident in the food she prepares and the coordination of your charter.





Rob is from Ireland and sailing has been a part of his life since joining his local yacht club in Howth at the age of nine. From competitive dinghy racing to running the rescue department for international sailing events to participating in offshore racing and deliveries today, Rob has a deep passion for sailing, racing and life at sea. After completing his second degree in mechanical engineering, he helped sailhis friend’s boat down to Antigua and hasn’t looked back. Rob has been bow-man for iconic races such as the Round Ireland, Caribbean 600 and the Middle Sea Race, most of which were podium finishes. Other hobbies Rob enjoyed while growing up included Scouts, the great outdoors and volunteering in the Irish Naval Service Reserves, which all contributes to Rob’s friendly, active, energetic and driven personality. Rob is responsible for the well-being of all systems, equipment and water toys on board. Rob works hard in preparation for charters to ensure everything is in its best condition, which allows him to maximize his availability to guests’ needs.





Lauren is excited to be one of your hosts for a beautiful sailing vacation aboard SY Freebird. Lauren is from Ontario, Canada and discovered her love for sailing and travel very young. She studied abroad in Europe, volunteered in Africa and India, and taught sailing to youth in the Caribbean. Lauren graduated with a business degree, focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship, then quickly followed her heart to sea and completed her Yachtmaster in the Mediterranean.Lauren’s passion for hospitality, sailing and travel led her to pursue a professional career in yachting.
She had the privilege of being crew for a unique sailing club providing personalised, luxury sailing charters in the Caribbean, Thailand, Maldives and Seychelles. She has worked in a variety of roles on charter yachts, always committed to creating a guest-focused culture. As the stewardess/deckhand Lauren is responsible for all interior service. She prides herself on attention to detail, as well as being professional and proactive.

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“...Thank you. Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful trip. It flew by- It feels like yesterday that we came onboard the Freebird in Porto Santo Stefano 10 days ago. Your kindness, patience and talent have made every moment unforgettable...and our romantic sailing...seeing turtles and dolphins...discovering beautiful Sardinia and Corsica...Lynley’s cuisine...Graeme’ sure direction and accepting constant change of plans and going with the plan..all worth it... all this moments will stay in our heart.”

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